6 Months Of FitFinity

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the first FitFinity post, aptly but boringly titled “Inaugural FitFinity Post,” which went up on March 30.  Since then, we’ve had 65 more posts and a lot of visits (well, some visits).  The fitness questions keep coming, so I keep answering them.

While I do enjoy the process of researching and writing a decent post, I have come to find another source of satisfaction from the blog.  More and more, I get emails, texts, and comments from readers – devoted or occasional – who have read what I have to say and been inspired to start conquering their fitness goals.  These bits of feedback are priceless and highly motivating for me.  Sincere thanks to those of you who have shared success stories and inspiration.  Keep them coming!

In honor of our 6 month anniversary, I’ve put together a small “Best Of” collection, by various categories.  If you are new to FitFinity, missed any of these posts, or just want to re-read, dive in.

Essential Information Posts (my opinion)

Most Popular Posts (by non-search traffic)

Miss your favorite post?  Leave it in the comments.

Thanks for following along during the first six months!  Keep sending questions and feedback!

Jamie Eason

Gratuitous Jamie Eason for the fellows

John Romaniello

Gratuitous John Romaniello for the ladies