Weekly Recap: 9/18

This week in the fitness community (at least the part I follow) was all about Eric Cressey’s upcoming product release for his new “Show & Go” program.  More below.

From Fitfinity

  • Exercise Essentials, Part 3: Chin Up – The third part of the Exercise Essentials series is all about “the upper body squat” – the Chin Up.
  • Strength & Physique Sports Explained – This post breaks down the strength and physique sports – bodybuilding, figure, fitness, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and strongman.
    Jelena Abbou Figure Competitor
  • Cressey On Mastering The Squat – In preparation for the launch of “Show & Go,” Eric has released a couple of videos on mastering squat form.  Really great resources to follow up my squat post from a few weeks ago.

From Others

  • More Low Fat Lies (Jonny Bowden) – Jonny tears into a recent study on low-carb diets.  Don’t believe the low fat lies.
  • Google Health Gets A Wellness Makeover (TechCrunch) – Google Health has joined a host of other online wellness programs in tracking fitness and workouts.  Watch out DailyBurn.
  • No Chest Supported Rows, No Problem (Eric Cressey) – Chest supported rows are one of my favorite exercises.  In this post, Eric lays out some options for people without the normal equipment.