Cressey on Mastering The Squat

As a follow-up to the Exercise Essentials: Squat post from last week, I have to share this great resource that is literally in the process of being released.

Eric Cressey, master performance coach from the Boston area whose blog I read daily and whose books I own, is releasing a new product called “Show & Go” next week.  I am almost quaking with excitement, as it promises to be an amazing resource for athletes and the physique conscious alike (Get it? Show & Go…).  To promote this release, Eric has released two excellent videos on improving your squat which are chock full of pre-exercise mobilizations to improve your squat, as well as technique coaching and alternate variations.

I highly recommend these videos to anyone squatting or thinking about squatting (which should be almost everyone).  To view the vids, you have to sign up with your email address, but it’s very worth it.  Plus, there are still two more videos coming over the next few days!  Sign up to see the videos at Show & Go!

show and go squatting