Weekly Recap: 9/11

It’s another two week “weekly” update today, since I didn’t manage to get one uploaded over Labor Day weekend.  You’d think with a four-day weekend, I would find the time, but you’d think wrong.  Oh well, more posts for today.

From FitFinity:

  • Exercise Essentials, Part 1: Squat – In part 1 of a several part series, I outline the first of what I consider to be the essential weight room exercises – squats.  Squats are arguably the single greatest muscle builder, a title contested only by the next exercise essential…
  • Exercise Essentials, Part 2: Deadlift – Deadlifts are the only exercise which my rightfully challenge the squat in ultimate muscle building power.  Get the scoop in Part 2.

From Others, On Nutrition:

  • Saturated Fat, Glycemic Index and Insulin Sensitivity: Another Nail in the Coffin (Whole Health Source) – Stephan from WHS blows my mind again, this time with research that “neither saturated fat nor high glycemic carbohydrate influence insulin sensitivity in humans.”  Before you flip out and start eating processed carbs by the handful, note the linked studies on “whole” food sources, which do promote better glucose control.
  • Three Flat Belly Food Swaps (Joel Marion) – Joel gives us three simple food swaps in the “eat this, not that” style.  Good, simple advice for better nutrition.
  • Berries and Your Brain (Jonny Bowden) – New research supports the hypothesis that berries (blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries) reduce aging in the brain.  Berries for the win!
  • Vitamin D Toxicity: What You Need To Know (Jonny Bowden) – Vitamin D can indeed be toxic, but not in even close to normal doses.  Jonny recommends at least 2000 IU per day, and takes 10,000 himself.  Toxicity doesn’t start until about 200,000 in most studies.  I take 4000 in the summer and 6000 in the winter.
  • Low Levels of DHA Linked To Cardiovascular Disease (Jonny Bowden) – Omega-3s are good for your heart.  Consume lots of them.  Carry on.
  • Almonds: Too Many Omega-6s? (Brian St. Pierre) – BSP tackles the crowd of folks who stay away from some nutritionally powerful foods (like almonds) because they have a high-ish Omega-6 to 3 ratio.  As usual, BSP wins (in my mind, of course).
  • Three More Flat Belly Food Swaps (Joel Marion) – Similar to above.  More s0lid food substitutions.
  • You Asked, I Answered [workout nutrition] (Brian St. Pierre) – BSP covers his idea of perfect peri-workout nutrition.  A bit different than some you read.

From Others, On Training:

  • 3 Keys To Long Term Bench Press Success (Mike Robertson via CriticalBench.com) – Mike explains the importance of the thoracic spine, scapula, and rotator cuff to long-term benching.  The info here is great, even if you aren’t a big bencher!
  • Squat Swing vs “Hip Snap” Swing (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony breaks down the “hip snap” (read: correct) way to do a kettlebell swing, which leads directly into:
  • Hip Movement Continuum (Dan John via DaveDraper.com) – Dan John, legend in the strength community, lays down some awesome info on different types of hip movements, from Goblet Squats (lots of knee flexion) to Hip Swings (very little knee flexion).
    kettlebell swing
  • How To Do Pistols (Bret Contreras leaning heavily on Franz Snideman) – Self explanatory.  Lots of good videos here.
  • Understanding Your Abs, Part 2 (Mike Robertson) – Mike continues his knowledge-dropping on abs with some good programming info.

From Others, Pure Awesome:

  • Work, Rest, Play, Pray: Explained (Dan John via T-Nation) – I can’t really categorize or explain this article, except that it is awesome.  Wisdom on training and life.

What did I miss these past two weeks?  I know some of you read other stuff.  Post them!

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