Weekly Recap: 8/29

From FitFinity:

  • Stop Hating Eggs! – Eggs may be the most perfect protein source on the planet and should be included in nearly every diet

From Others:

  • Everything Pallof Press (Tony Gentilcore) – The Pallof Press (named for physical therapist John Pallof, who invented it) is a fantastic anti-rotational core exercise.  Too many ab exercises prescribed today are based around spinal flexion (think crunches) which results in a weakened spine and poor posture.  Stop crunching and start using your abs effectively.
  • ABC News Vilifies Creatine (Chris Shugart) – There was quite  a stir this week around a group of high school athletes who suffered from compartment syndrome.  The news media blamed this on their use of creatine, ignoring the fact that their coach was overtraining them in a 115 degree room.  This post dives into the research on creatine, one of the most studied (and safe) supplements on the planet.
  • This Means War (Chris Shugart) – In this post, Chris declares war on the major nutrition and health organizations, which take funding from food companies to certify their foods as healthy.  Think the government is looking out for your health?  Think again.
  • Super Deadlifts (Nia Shanks) – The deadlift may be the best overall muscle building exercise.  Nia outlines 5 deadlift variations in this post – find the ones that are right for you and do them frequently!girl deadlifting
  • Basic Workout Template (Bret Contreras) – Bret provides a simple and very versatile training template for a novice lifter.  Highly recommended read for anyone getting into lifting!

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