Weekly Recap 8/21

We’ve got two weeks worth of articles today, so even more fitness goodness concentrated into one post!  Because there are so many, I split them up into categories for your convenience.  Let me know in the comments if you like the new format.

On Lifting:

  • You Just Got Served (Bret Contreras via Tony Gentilcore) – Bret mounts a valiant defense of the squat, particularly their use in women.  Get to squatting!
  • Squat, Deadlift, and Hip Thrust Form (Bret Contreras) – A great follow-up to the previous post, this one by Bret covers the basics of performing each of these incredible lower body exercises.  Required reading for any lifter.
  • Strength Training & The Endurance Athlete (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony explains the necessity of weight training for endurance athletes.  Lifting only makes you better at your sport!
  • Gluteal Goddess Workout (Bret Contreras) – Great post about getting a great butt.  Bret takes us through some sample glute workouts and provides a training video from one of his figure competitors.
  • Symptoms vs Cause (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony points out the problems of therapy and exercise prescription which doesn’t focus on the root cause of pain and injury.  Attack the cause!


On Nutrition:

For Motivation:

  • Beautiful Badasses (Nia Shanks) – Nia’s nice tribute to strong, feminine, beautiful women who kick ass in the gym.  Motivating for men and women!
  • No More Pretty Please (Chris Shugart) – Chris thinks it’s time to stop asking your body nicely to change and start kicking its ass!  I agree.
  • A Little Dose Of Tough Love (Tony Gentilcore) – One of Tony’s clients guest posts on the deception in the women’s fitness world: some of it self-deception.

Dave Tate teaches the squat

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