Weekly Recap: 8/1

The weekly recap is one day late this week; I played real, public-court basketball yesterday for the first time in probably 3 years, and as a result I felt like death for the remainder of the day.  Not conducive to post-writing.   Anyway, enough of my excuses.  Here’s what was good this week.

From Fitfinity:

  • No Butts About It – Sadly, in today’s chair-sitting society, properly functioning glutes (and thus nice, shapely butts) are getting quite rare.  This post lays out some great tips for getting those glutes active in your next workout and new exercises to build a great butt.
  • Lift Like A Girl – Introduces Katie Coles, a figure competitor on the rise who knows how to train hard.  Take a look at her training vids and get inspired!  Due to the popularity of this type of post, it may have to become a recurring feature.

From Others:

  • Why Women Should Not Be Afraid Of Gaining Muscle (Charles Poliquin) – The title pretty much says it all.  Poliquin is a living legend in the fitness community, and he nails some great reasons in this older post.
  • Mistakes That Trainers Make: Sucking (Tony Gentilcore) – In his normal, humorous style, Tony G explains the characteristics of a good trainer.  Essential for anyone looking for a trainer, or even evaluating the one you already have.  Hint: if they don’t do any assessments of your movement quality, they suck.
  • Best. Ad. Campaign.EVER (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony discusses Nike’s continuation of  an older ad campaign.  “At a time when women are constantly told by mainstream media and douchehole celebrity trainers that lifting anything heavier than three lbs will turn them into Chewbacca, and that eating celery sticks is a treat, this is definitely a breath of fresh air.”
Big Butt Ad

Athletic physiques 4TW!

Did I miss anything good this week?  Leave them in the comments.