Weekly Recap: 6/26/10

From FitFinity this week:

  1. Increase Your Carbohydrate Complexity – Turns out carbohydrates aren’t all bad!  Achieving optimal performance or your perfect body requires the right kinds of carbohydrates for you goals.  Find out more in this post.
  2. 3 Super Supplement Stacks – The world of supplements is vast, confusing, and fraught with misinformation.  In this post I serve up three supplement combos – one each for health, fat loss, and muscle gain – that work!

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Other great articles and posts this week:

  1. Athletic Sexy (Chrus Shugart) – “This is a nice blend of good looks, low body fat, and a resistance-trained, steroid-free body. It’s a look that both men and women love, probably because the look is so rare, especially in today’s ever-fattening society.”

    Athletic Sexy Allison Stokke

  2. You Feed Your Kids What? (Mark Young) –  Great rant on parents fattening up their children.  Applicable to your own dietary rationalizations as well.
  3. The New FDA Food Pyramid (Jonny Bowden) – Just when I write a post on how terrible the food pyramid is, the FDA is reconsidering it again!  Guess what… they’re still getting it wrong!
  4. Foods To Burn Fat (Chad Waterbury) – This piece fits nicely with my carbohydrate complexity post from this week.  Replace white carbs with high fiber, slow digesting carbs to burn fat!
  5. Are Pop-Tarts The New Cigarettes (Chris Shugart) – The smoking rate has dropped from 42% in 1965 to 20% today, due to widespread information campaigns and a general shift in public opinion.  Isn’t it about time we had the same thing for unhealthy foods?  It’s all just killing you slowly, just like smoking.
  6. 4 Foods I’ll (Almost) Never Eat Again (Nate Green) – Some obvious, some not so obvious.  All good info from Nate Green.

Did I miss anything great from this week?  Leave them in the comments!

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