Shared Wisdom: 6/19

It’s a long list this week, but I couldn’t help it! There was a ton of great content out there. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw most of this stuff already, but here it is again for those of you who missed it.

  1. Diet Pill Dangers (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – Dr. Jonny lays down the bad news about Xenical/Alli, which is that it is awful for you.  As is almost always the case with miracle weight loss drugs, they don’t work very well, and they tend to kill you.

    Alli is bad for you

    Alli - not so good for you

  2. Knock Out Tummy And Thigh Fat (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – How do you reduce fat from those areas?  You don’t!  You reduce it from your whole body.  A good overview of the fat loss methods I generally preach from Dr. Jonny.
  3. Super Squats (Nia Shanks) -”Squats are one of the best exercises. They can be used for fat loss, building muscle, increasing strength, and improving performance.”  Great article with super demo of the Goblet Squat, which is perfect for those of you just learning to squat correctly.
  4. Man Up, Even If You’re a Girl (Chris Shugart) – Screw peer pressure and dare to be different (by exercising and not being overweight like 2/3 of America). Great motivation from Shug.
  5. Low Micronutrient Intake may Contribute to Obesity (Whole Health Source) – Supplementing with a multi-vitamin helps obese people lose weight in this study. Get your vitamins and minerals, preferably by eating a lot of whole foods, especially vegetables. But maybe take a multi too.
  6. Strength Train the Mind (Nia Shanks) – Strength training not only makes your body stronger (and look better naked), it can result in improvements in mental strength as well. “Strength training gives us opportunities to challenge ourselves in new ways. We can see what we are capable of achieving and pushing ourselves to new limits.”
  7. The Deleterious Effects of Sitting (Bret Contreras) – The glute guy enlightens us on how terrible sitting is for your health, posture, and sexy butt. Then he tells us how to fix it (and get that butt looking right).  Long article, but worth a read.

Did I miss anything this week?  Leave them in the comments!

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