Shared Wisdom: 6/12

Must wisdom to share this week.

  1. The Road To Ab-Ville (Tony Gentilcore) –  “People need to understand that they’re not as lean as they think they are… Be honest with yourself.”  Tony drops some knowledge on nutrition, leanness, and ab training.
  2. How To Win At Weight Loss (Jonny Bowden) – Jonny discussing how to avoid or disarm difficult dietary situations.
  3. Hill Sprints For Fast Fat Lost (Nia Shanks) – Find a hill.  Sprint up it.  Repeat several times.  Nia elaborates.
  4. The Almond Flour Cure (Chris Shugart) – Turns out you can make pretty excellent baked goods with almond flour instead of grain.  Perfect.

Did I miss anything good this week?  Leave them in the comments.