Supplement Snake Oil Chart

The world of dietary supplements is fraught with unsupported claims, shaky research, misinformation, and downright scams.  That said, there are also some supplements which do some pretty amazing things (often by helping restore balance to our horrific modern diets).  To help sort the good from the bad, Information is Beautiful has created an interactive…bubble chart?  Anyway, it graphically arranges supplements based on the research supporting them for various uses.   Supplement bubbles nearest the top of the chart have the most research support for the listed use.  Bigger bubbles are more popular on Google.  Some supplements are listed more than once for different uses.

This is a very cool chart.  Is it 100% accurate?  Probably not.  Can it possibly take into account all the research on every supplement?  No.  Still, it’s cool.  Check the interactive version out here.  Static version is embedded below (click to load full sized).  Three of my favorites (fish oil, vitamin D, and probiotics) are at the top, but I’ll save that discussion for another post.

Surprised by what you see?  Don’t see your favorite supplement?  Ranked too low for your taste?  Leave it in the comments.