Shared Wisdom: 6/06

This week’s links are coming in a day late, as I was traveling this weekend.  Enjoy!

  1. Tough Talk (Chris Shugart) – Feeling like it’s just too hard to get in shape?  Read Chris’s thoughts on toughness.
  2. Best Core Exercises (Chad Waterbury) – Waterbury updates his blog so infrequently, I feel almost obligated to repost it when he does.  Jokes aside, this is a good “basics” article on abs.  Notice that nutrition comes first.
  3. Crazy Weight Loss Diets (Nia Shanks) – Nia chimes on on the 50 Cent diet, the baby food diet, and super-dumb fad diets in general.  Her advice is excellent: “make necessary changes to your nutritional habits that you can maintain long-term forlong lasting results.”

Did I miss anything great from this week?  Leave them in the comments.