Shared Wisdom: 5/31

Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I’m just back from a short beach trip to Long Island for some overdue rest and relaxation.  Here are some fantastic fitness resources from the last week.

  1. Focus On Food Quality (Nia Shanks) – From our favorite deadlifting champ, Nia Shanks, this great post reminds us that regardless of the dietary strategy we choose, the most important factor to good health and a great body is eating good quality food: “Whole, natural, unprocessed or minimally processed foods [which] provide you with the highest nutritional value.”
  2. Processed Meats: What’s Inside May Kill You (Jonny Bowden) – As usually, Jonny is dropping nutritional knowledge bombs left and right in this post.  This time, he’s talking about the dangers of processed meat (think bacon, sausage, and most cold cuts), while exonerating saturated fat and dietary cholesterol (which are much less of a risk than they are portrayed to be).
  3. 20 Worst Drinks In America 2010 (Men’s Health) – More of a slideshow than an article, this piece highlights the 20 “worst” beverages in America, from a dietary standpoint.  It’s amazing the amount of calories and sugar that can be packed into a drink (up to 2010 calories and 153 grams of sugar).
  4. Ab Training For Absolute Bada$$es (Bret Contreras) – Packed with fantastic ab exercises that produce results (unlike your average crunches and situps).  Bret knows his stuff; he frequently hooks himself up to EMG machines to measure the actual muscle activity during different exercises.  This post contains links to his articles on the best exercises for each body part (based on his EMG work).  As Bret puts it: “If you perform this workout, you might find yourself looking just like John Romaniello!”

Did I miss anything great this week? Leave them in the comments!