Rambling About The “Soda Tax”

Someone asked me the other day if I was in favor of the proposed “Soda Tax” that’s brewing here in New York.  “You’ve got to be all over that,” he said.

Not at all.  In fact, I am entirely against a tax on soda in New York or any state.

It’s not that I’m in favor of soda.  Far from it.  Sodas are awful for your health, containing utterly ridiculous amounts of sugar.  Drinking a soda is like setting off an insulin bomb in your body, which results in fat gain, insulin resistance (leading to diabetes), arterial plaque buildup, and all kinds of other health detriments.  I am 100% in favor of no one ever drinking another soda again.

Insulin bomb! Watch out!

So, why not support a tax which could decrease consumption of what essentially amounts to a toxin?  It sets a bad precendent for a government that clearly knows nothing about nutrition.  Yes, sodas are bad for you; they got that one right.  But what gets hit next?  I’ll wager a guess: saturated fats.  Vilified for years with little research backing, saturated fats are not really the health risk they are commonly portrayed to be and are a integral part of a balanced diet.  Yet, it has been slammed by the government and the media for years.

And after saturated fat, then what?  If our legislators start slapping a tax on everything they decide is unhealthy, we’ll soon be left with naught but bread and cheerios to eat.  The federal government has been advising people to give themselves diabetes with their nutritional guidelines for 50 years.  Allowing them to start enforcing their dietary recommendations with taxation is nutritional suicide.

Over-dramatic?  Overblown?  Possibly.  Maybe it’s just a tax on soda, and it ends there.  Somehow I doubt it.

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