Nia Shanks Lifts Heavy

Nia Shanks, personal trainer and blogger at, lifts heavy shit.  In fact, she just cracked a 315 lb deadlift for the first time.  In case you can’t count, that’s huge.

Surely she must be a monster?  A massive woman with a mustache and bulging pectorals!  Let’s see.

Nia Shanks, big scary monster

Nia Shanks, big scary monster

Oh wait.  She’s kinda small.  Only 120 lbs in fact.  No mustache.  Damn, she’s even cute!

Take home message for ladies: lifting heavy won’t make you huge and scary!

Calling BS on her deadlift?  Check it out:

Guys, you can now go cry softly to yourself in shame.  Girls, stop worrying about getting huge, and go lift something heavy!  Oh, and read everything Nia writes over at TheFatSolutions.