Shared Wisdom: 5/22

Short list this week.  Lots of good reading though!

  1. Fats Protect Your Brain (Jonny Bowden) – Dr. Jonny explains another great benefit of (certain) fats.  Fat-phobes, open your eyes!
  2. If You Love Steak, Read On (Brian St. Pierre) – Brian tackles several issues in this post, including the difference between real meat and processed meat (it ain’t just the sodium level) and the tendency of Doctors to throw prescriptions at things instead of solving root problems (like nutrition).
  3. The Tabata Myth (Mark Young via Mike Robertson) – You may think you’re doing Tabata, but you probably aren’t.  Real tabata intervals are done at 170% Vo2 Max (OMFG that’s ridiculous) on a mechanically braked cycle ergometer (stationary bike).  You aren’t working that hard.  I’ll be doing a post on modified (read: easier and therefore fake) tabata intervals at some point.
  4. The Opposite Of Average (Chris Shugart) - This is an older post from Shug, but it’s fantastic, so I’m adding it anyway.  His point: do the opposite of what most people do, and you’ll probably get fit.  Sad but true.

Did I miss any good ones from this week?  Leave them in the comments!