The Food Pyramid Still Sucks

Update: check out my follow-up on the new MyPlate.

The title pretty much sums this one up.  End of post.

Just kidding.  But just look at this garbage:

The new-ish food pyramid.

At least the old pyramid kind of told you how much to eat.  For this one, all the bars are vaguely sized, and the explicit instructions down below are tiny.  If you read, you’ll notice that the recommendation for each “food group” is in different units, and that the size of the segments don’t really match the recommendations.  For instance, the grains bar looks about twice as big as the meat and beans bar, despite the written recommendations being similar (6 vs 5 oz).

Of course, grains still get the biggest slice, although it has been toned down a bit since the old pyramid, of which grains were twice as large as any other group.

Old food pyramid. Grain overload!

The old food pyramid. Grain overload!

Yes, the federal government, in its infinite wisdom, may be slowly catching on to the fact that 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta is a surefire way to give your entire population diabetes (not to mention make them 400 lbs).  Still, the chunk of space grains get on the new pyramid is far too large.  Gotta feed our tax-payer subsidized grains to someone!  My advice, to steal a line from the feds: use sparingly.

The milk bar is also pretty hefty.  Unless your milk intake is all raw, unpasteurized, straight from the cow goodness and unsweetened greek yogurt, you’re better off slimming this one down a bit.  Take what you cut out of grains (90% of the slice) and milk (maybe half the slice) and sock it into more veggies, meat, and beans.  Now that’s a pyramid.