Shared Wisdom: 5/15/10

Following up on Links From This Week from two weeks ago, here are some great articles and blog posts from this week in the fitness field.  Like the catchy new post title?  Thanks, Mom…

  1. How To Lose 40lbs & 20% Fat (Precision Nutrition) – Tells the story of “Lean Eating” contest winner “Cynergy,” who lost 40 lbs and 20% body fat using Precision Nutrition eating principles.  Really demonstrates how following a good set of nutritional habits can change your body and your life.  As I mention in that post, the nutritional habits are adapted from Precision Nutrition.
  2. Dinner with Taubes, Eades and Hujoel (Whole Health Source) – I’ve just recently started following Stephen Guyenet at Whole Health Source, and I’m really enjoying his writing.  In this post, he recounts a discussion with three dietary heavy-weights.  Gary Taubes, in particular, has shaped much of how I think about food.
  3. It All Starts In The Kitchen, Part I and Part II (Tony Gentilcore) – In this double post, Tony talks about setting up your kitchen for dietary success.  He rightly claims that you cannot expect to reach your dietary goals if your kitchen is full of junk, devoid of healthy food, and lacking in necessary preparation tools.  I’ve been doing this a while, and even I took notes from his shopping list and kitchen inventory.  Great info, and Tony is entertaining as always.
  4. Live A Little.  Very Little. (Chris Shugart) – “Have addictive junk foods and sedentary lifestyles become the norm, making people trying to live healthfully abnormal? Yeah, I think it has.”  Chris notes how being sedentary and obese is now seen as normal, while people who eat healthily and stay in shape are seen as “having a problem.”  The delicious irony.  (this one is from last week, but I couldn’t resist)

Enjoy today’s reading list.  I know I missed a few good ones this week; my note taking was not at its best.  Post other favorites from this week in the comments!