Links From This Week

I’d like to make this a recurring feature, where I link to good fitness articles I’ve read during the week.  Seems like it needs a cool name though.  Leave ideas in the comments.

  1. Training For Actual Results (Brian St. Pierre) – Great, and I mean great, short article from BSP on making the most of your training.  Contains a simple program that 95% of the people in the world can follow to see great results.  Required reading.
  2. Diet Freak (Chris Shugart) – Chris pointing out politely (not really) that everyone who gives other people crap for eating healthy should stop.  Best quote: “When they call us health nuts we’ll just smile and politely ask if that makes them death nuts.”  Quiet, death nuts.
  3. Weighing The Evidence On Exercise (NY Times) – Pretty solid article from on the nebulous effects of exercise on weight loss.  Talks about why exercise alone doesn’t cut it, differences between men and women, and long term metabolic benefits of sustained exercise programs.  The NY Time is coming around!
  4. I am the Glute Guy and Here are My Secrets (Bret Contreras) – Bret isn’t bragging.  He really is the glute guy.  This man has forgotten more about glutes than I’ve ever learned (and I’ve learned a fair bit).  This article is a TOME.  Honestly, it combines about four of his former articles into one massive glute-fest.  If you’re looking to sculpt, build, or strengthen your posterior, check it out.  Skip to the bottom to get right to the programming.

That ought to keep you busy for a while.