On Effort, and other things

1 ) Last night I was in the gym, doing my last set of my last exercise (ab rollouts).

OK, so I wasn’t using bands to increase the resistance, but still. It’s been a long workout. I’ve done two sets of 15 reps each. I’m on rep 17 of set 3. I roll out. I roll back about 6 inches and collapse on my face on the mat, panting for breath, abs spasming and cramping. After about 15 seconds, I regain the ability to move my eyelids and open them (still lying on the side of my face mind you). The girl next to me on the mat is TEXTING WHILE SHE DOES CRUNCHES.

Now, I don’t take every set to that kind of failure, and I’m not suggesting you do either.  But if you can text while you doing a set of anything, you aren’t working hard enough.  I don’t care if you’re benching, curling, elliptically, or deadlifting.  If you can text, you’re wasting your time – not to mention valuable gym space.  If you aren’t sweating 5 minutes into your workout, you aren’t working hard enough.  Stop deceiving yourself and put in some effort.

2) Tonight was the grand finale of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC.  I’ve been a fan of the show since I saw Jamie on TED.  Sure, it’s a little corny and over-dramatic, but it’s making a great point about the state of our nation’s food habits, specifically those manifested in school cafeterias.  If you aren’t familiar with Jamie’s quest to make school food healthy, you can read more about it here and check out back episodes of Food Revolution on Hulu.  If his cause resonates with you, sign the petition and find out ways to help.

This is a great cause.  Kids today know nothing about healthy eating, and as a result, this generation of American kids will be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.  It’s a disgrace that kids aren’t learning about healthy choices in school and are being fattened on processed garbage while healthcare costs skyrocket.  Here’s a thought: teach people to eat right and exercise from a young age so they won’t all develop diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other problems destined to kill them early.

3) In a completely self-serving note, I’ve installed many fancy new buttons for sharing content from FitFinity.  If you enjoy the content, share it!  And let me know if any of my buttons are broken (very possible).