Eating For Fat Loss, Part 1: Things You Already Know

In honor of spring having sprung, and beach season being just around the corner, let’s talk fat loss.

When someone asks me how to improve their diet, the first thing I tell them is very simple: stop eating and drinking things you know are bad for you. Ironically, most of the dietary problems we face today would be alleviated if people just stopped eating things they already knew were crap.

These things, in case you are trying hard to forget them, include:

  • sugary drinks: soda, coffee drinks that are basically desserts, “fruit juice” cocktails that contain 2% juice, and anything else with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup
  • sweets: cookies, cake, pie, brownies, donuts, candy, twinkies…
  • salty snacks: chips, cheese puffs, Cheese-Its, Cheetos, etc
  • most fast food (make it all to be safe)
  • processed food-like substances: frozen dinners, microwave meals, hot pockets, etc

Cookies - do not eat

Everyone knows these things are fattening, but most people keep right on consuming. There’s no point in moving on to more advanced dietary concerns if you haven’t cut them out. Drop them today, I guarantee you will see physical changes (and probably feel better to boot).  Honestly, it feels a little silly calling these “fat loss” principles, since they’re really “live long and be healthy” principles.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow…