Inaugural FitFinity Post

What is it?

A resource for you to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Who are you?

I’m Warren Ashley, resident of New York City and graduate of University of North Carolina with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science (and Economics).  I am decidedly not a fitness professional.  I do not have an advanced degree in a fitness or nutrition related field, nor do I train clients for a living.  Some would say this makes me unfit to give fitness advice, but that’s not going to stop me.  My knowledge of fitness comes (to a small degree) from my college coursework and (from a large degree) from the amount of time I spend reading the work of people in the fitness industry who know much more than I do.  Many of those people are linked from my blog, in case you would like to delve deeper into my source material.  I hope that this combination allows me to distill the vast amount of technical information out there about fitness into bites small enough to digest easily.

What If I Have A Fitness Question?

Email it to me at warren[a.t]fitfinity[d.o.t]net, and I will try to tackle it.  I don’t promise to know the answer to every question, but I do promise to know most of them…